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Architectural Index - The Architectural Index was designed by an architect for easy use by architects and designers, 1983 - present.  List of indexed journals
Architecture Resource Directory
Art & Architecture Libraries
Art & Architecture Programs
Civil Engineering Database (ASCE) - The CEDB Provides Access to over 90,000 Bibliographic and Abstracted Records, 1973 - present.
CLIO - The online catalog of Columbia University Library, with thousands of records pertaining to art and architecture, most of which in the Avery Collection.
Cyburbia: The Urban Planning Portal
Planning Resource Directory
RIBA Architectural Publications Index - Approximately 300 current journals. Catalog of books, drawings, slides, manuscripts and other material in the collection of the British Architectural Library
Signets de la Bibliothèque national/Architecture | Art


Michael Durkin Glossary of Architectural Terms
Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)
Other Dictionaries


Archicool - Periodicals Links
Archicool - Webzines
Art Journals Online
Art & Architecture Journals - U Pennsylvania
Online Journals - Howard U


Advertisement Prints - AdFlip archive of nearly 3,000 classic print ads going back to 1940
African-American Art
ANU Art History Server
- Includes a database of prints and print history, and information on classical and contemporary architecture. [Australian National University, Canberra, Australia]
Art & Antiques Centers
Art Critic London
Art Forum / Cofrase Art -
Exhibitions, antiquaries, galleries, contemporary artists, museums
Art Gazette International

Art History - Documentation - Initiation to the History of the Art

Art History Resources on the Web
Art Theory & Criticism

Art on the Web

- Art & Architecture from the Mediterranean Basin 
Arts et Antiques

- Offers a unique combination of art education, high resolution images of artwork, artist background information, shopping and auction capabilities across all art-related categories, highly-qualified art consulting services, an online art magazine, and access to US art fairs, museum and gallery information.
Constructivism: The Artists
Contemporary African Artists Database / Cornell U
Contemporary Art / Art contemporain
| Virtual Gallery | Artists | Sculptors
Cubism: The Artists
Decorative Arts
Design Basics Inc
-  Home Plans
Events Calendar / Graphisoft
Expressionism, Abstract - COBRA | The Artists
Fashion Design
France antiques
Futurism | The Artists
- Beaux Arts Style
- For architects in the Information Age
Haute Couture 
History of Art
- A course about artistic styles from Prehistory to the present era
KARA Art: Contemporary Art from All over the World
Les Métiers d'art en France
Middle-Ages Renaissance
- Photographic documentation
New Media Encyclopedia

La Revue du spectacle
Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs

Wallpaper & backgrounds
--  3D - Fonds et écrans de veille
--  Abawallpapers

--  Absolute 3D Wallpaper
--  Au fond de l'écran
- Wallpaper for sea lovers
--  FreeGaia.com
- Wallpapers and other resources for webmasters
--  Imagines-fr
--  L'Internaute
- The selections of the Web site "L'Internaute"
--  Rubrique "Wallpapers" of Yahoo!USA
--  Rubrique "Fonds d'écrans" of Yahoo!France

--  Wallpaper, Backgrounds



African American Museums Directory
Art Galleries
Electronic Exhibitions
Exhibits from around the World
Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain

Fonds régional d'art contemporain (Frac Centre)

Musée national des Arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie
Musées d'art en France
Museum Network
Museum Information
Museums / Virtual Library Museums Pages
Sir John Soane's Museum


African Architect
African Heritage Architecture
AIA Continuing Workshop
- Database on architecture and cyberspace
ArchiCAD Product Information
ArchiDATA - Architecture et informatique
- L'informatique de bâtiment dans tous ses états
Architecture -
Répertoires de ressources | Le Réseau de l'architecture (Ecoles) | Bases de données | Architectures virtuelles | Sites monographiques
Architecture Archives
Architecture on the Internet
Architecture Resources
Architecture Ring
Built in America: Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record, 1933-Present -
Carnegie Survey of the Architecture of the South (Library of Congress)
Critriques d'espaces
- Internet resources for the built environment
Darwish Studio
Design_Architecture Forum

Frank Lloyd Wright Building Guide
Great Buildings Collection
Greek & Roman Architecture
Hassan Fathy
Highrises - English webzine. See also > The Skyscraper
Historic American Buildings Survey
- See also Built in America
Ingenta Provides keyword access to tables of contents in more than 18,000 multidisciplinary journals.
International Archive of Women in Architecture

Islamic Architecture - Darwish Studio
Musée virtuel d'architecture 
PAIRC Architecture Student Forum
- Bulletin board for the discussion of topics relevant to architecture students, such as research, studio and thesis projects, design competitions, conferences, job hunting, architecture education and schools, student organizations and activities.
Pictorial Archives of Early American Architecture 
Prizker Architecture Prize
Quatuor - Présentation théorique et pédagogique de l'histoire de l'architecture, depuis l'antiquité jusqu'à aujourd'hui
Santa Barbara, California, Architectural Treasures
The Skyscraper
- See also > Highrises - English webzine
Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture
Sweet's Group Home Page
- Full text archives
Vernacular Architecture Forum Bibliography
Virtual Landscape Gallery


Academy of Architecture Arts & Sciences
Alvar Aalto Museum
American Institute of Architects Online
Arc-en-rêve centre d'architecture
Architektur Zentrum Wien
Arkitekturmuseet (Sweden)

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
Bauhaus-archive Museum für Gestaltung
Canadian Center for Architecture
Centre de documentation de l'urbanisme
Danish Centre for Architecture - Gammel Dok

International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
Lighting Research Center
National Building Museum
Netherlands Architecture Institute
NOMA: National Organization of Minority Architects
The Norwegian Museum of Architecture
Le Pavillon de l'Arsenal

Society of Architectural Historians


ADAM: Art, Design, Architecture & Media Information Gateway - ADAM, the Art, Design, Architecture & Media Information Gateway, is a searchable catalogue of Internet resources that have been carefully selected and catalogued by professional librarians for the benefit of the UK Higher Education community
ArchiCool Links
Architecture -
Architecture Virtual Library
- About.com
- University of Virginia
Art & Archaeology Resources on the WWW
Art Links
(Texas Museum of Art)
Design Search
Galaxy Net Architecture Page
Galaxy Net Art Page
Web Awards
WWW Virtual Library - Architecture
Yahoo.com - Arts
Yahoo.fr - Art et Culture

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