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Motor vehicles parked on Howard University property at any time must be registered and also must display a valid hangtag or parking permit for the appropriate parking lot or area. This includes secondary vehicles driven to campus occasionally and temporary vehicles used in lieu of registered vehicles (i.e. rental cars).

VISITOR PARKING. Visitor parking is limited. Visitors should secure a visitor-parking permit from either the department or school being visited or from the Office of Parking and Shuttle Operations (OPSO) 2400 Sixth St. NW, Suite B-11, (202) 806-2000. Departmental visitor permits are at no cost to guests, however there is a $3.25 daily charge for permits secured directly from OPSO.

ALL PARKING IS BY PERMIT ONLY. Any vehicle parked without displaying a valid permit is subject to ticketing, towing, and or immobilization. A permit holder who finds no space available in an assigned area should notify the OPSO which will arrange to temporarily park the vehicle in another lot if possible. Employee parkers, with proper authorization (drop off permit), may park for 15 minutes in an unassigned parking area for loading/unloading only with flashers on. This arrangement is void in reserved spaces and fire lanes. Any vehicle found parked after the 15 minute grace period will be ticketed without exception.

Personnel from Parking Enforcement, Campus Police, and Hospital Security enforce University parking regulations. Hangtags and permits are issued by OPSO. Parking privileges at Howard University can only be authorized and granted by OPSO for respective parking spaces under their management. Parking permits, access cards, and other parking paraphernalia issued to users of the University parking system remain the property of Howard University. The University reserves the right to:

  • refuse issuance of a parking permit
  • revoke or recall a permit
  • change parking assignments as deemed necessary
  • restrict the use of any parking space or lot at any time
  • determine hours of control
  • change any or all of its parking regulations at any time
  • close, reserve or restrict parking areas as deemed necessary


Daily Visitor Permits: Daily-parking permits can be obtained from the Office of Parking and Shuttle Operations (OPSO). The cost of the permit is $3.25 per day. Visitors first must obtain a payment slip from OPSO and submit it to the cashierís office along with the appropriate fee. Cash, check, or money order are the accepted forms of payment. Visitors then must obtain the validated receipt and return to OPSO to pick up a permit for the appropriate visitors parking area.

Departmental Visitor Permits: University departments may request one (1) visitor permit for use by guests or vendors of the department. To obtain the permit, the department must submit a written request to OPSO. The department will receive one complimentary permits with corresponding log sheets for the appropriate visitor parking area. Departmental permits are issued for a six-month period. Lost or stolen permits will not be renewed until the next six-month period. All expired permits and log sheets must be returned to OPSO in order to be renewed, a written request is required to renew lost permits. Departmental visitor permits are not to be used by members of the Universityís staff, faculty, or student body.

Contractor Permits: Contractors who are performing work on the campus may obtain parking arrangements by contacting either OPSO or the appropriate contracting department. The cost of the permit is $24.00 monthly. Contractors are encouraged to car pool to the greatest extent possible.

Handicapped Parking Permits: Faculty and staff requiring special handicapped parking accommodations must have a parking assignment through a departmental allocation and a valid university hang tag or permit. Parking in a handicap-designated space requires the vehicle to be licensed with either a license plate or a valid state hang tag depicting the international mobility limitation. Designated handicapped parking spaces will be allotted to the departments by the Office of Parking and Shuttle Operations after individuals have been identified by department Parking Coordinators. Note that these spaces are limited. Reassignments may occur at the discretion of the responsible vice president, dean, director or designee in order to accommodate handicapped patrons.

To the extent possible, OPSO will work with Department Heads to facilitate requests for temporary handicapped accommodations. Students who need handicapped access must register through the Office of the Dean of Special Student Services. Visitors needing a handicapped accessible parking space will be directed by OPSO to a visitor space so designated. All persons who park on University parking lots, regardless of mobility limitations must have a valid permit and pay the appropriate parking fee. There is no free parking on campus parking lots. However in keeping with municipal policy, persons with proper ADA compliant license plates or hang tags may park on street parking meters at no cost.

Summer Parking Information: Parking at the University is extremely limited, however there is less demand for parking during the summer sessions. Parking permits for summer sessions can be obtained from OPSO for a monthly fee. Parking for students is $12.00 per month. Students must be validated for summer school in order to qualify for summer parking. Parking for faculty/staff is $24.00 per month and valid staff ID will be required.


Parking at the University is very limited. Employees who are unable to obtain a parking assignment must find alternatives to driving to campus. Staff and faculty parking assignments are made through departmental allocations. Employees who have parking assignments through their respective department or school must pick up the appropriate registration forms from their department parking coordinator. The forms must be filled out and returned to the coordinator. The coordinator, once all forms have been received, will forward them to OPSO for processing. Parking permits and expiration stickers are to be picked up from the departmentís parking coordinator. THE DEPARTMENT HEAD, DEAN OR VICE PRESIDENT, MAKES ALL ASSIGNMENTS.

The annual parking fee is $240.00. Two forms of payment are accepted for faculty/staff permits:

Payroll Deduction: This type of payment is available only to permanent full time staff or full and part-time faculty. Students who are temporary employees cannot use the payroll deduction option for payment of permits. It is the employees' responsibility to verify that the proper deductions for parking are being made from their paycheck, and to report any errors directly to OPSO. Failure to do so does not excuse an employee from payment of the correct fees and back parking charges.

Advance Payment: Individuals not eligible for payroll deductions must pay in advance for a parking permit. Cash, check*, or money order are accepted. Permits must be purchased for a twelve month period.

*Checks must be imprinted with the name, address and phone number of issuing party. Valid University ID must be presented.


Student parking at the University is determined through a lottery system. The lottery is held following the spring semester of each year. The dates of the lottery and deadlines are announced through student media (Hilltop, etc.) and this website. Students must present a valid Howard University student ID card in order to register for the lottery. Students who have parking assignments via the lottery must pick up permits during the fall registration period. Any unclaimed lot assignments will be sold first come, first served. Parking is very limited and students are encouraged to rideshare or use alternatives to driving to campus. Howard Plaza Towers residents should apply through the residence managerís office if they wish to park in the underground parking facilities. Advance payment is the only option available to students. Only cash and money order are accepted. Permits must be purchased for a twelve month period. The annual student parking fee is $120.00.


Anyone sponsoring an event at Howard University which requires parking accommodations must secure a Parking Facilities Use Form from OPSO. All requests for facilities use forms and special events parking must be made in writing addressed to the Parking Coordinator and all forms must be submitted to OPSO no later than seven days in advance of event date. All special events parking must be coordinated through OPSO to insure parking lot availability, parking authorization and easy access to event sites.

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