Parking Key     Map Locations, A-Z


Lot Name

Lot Location

Lot Address
A Childers Fine Arts Drive 2465 6th St. NW
AA Florida Ave. HUSC Across the St 2244 10th St. NW
B Founders Main Gate 2400 6th St. NW
BB HUSC HUSC (Garage) 2244 10th St. NW
C Business School of Business 2640 6th St. NW
D Miner Miner Lot 2402 6th St. NW
DD East Divinity School 1400 Shepherd St. NE
E Johnson Rear Administration 2535 Georgia Ave. NW
F Mackey Architecture 2366 6th St. NW
G Downing Engineering 2300 6th St. NW
H Drew Drew Hall 511 Harvard St. NW
I Greene Burr Gym 6th & Girard St.  NW
J Burr Internal Audit 2801 Georgia Ave. NW
K Georgia Old Commercial Lot 2703 Georgia Ave. NW
L Just Biology Building 407 College St. NW
LL West West Campus 2900 Van Ness St. NW
M Chem Chemistry 407College St. NW
N S.H.C Univ. Health Center 525 College St. NW
O C.B.P. Sch. of Communications 521 College St. NW
P 6th St. Student Resource Ctr. 6th & Bryant St. NW
Q Power International Affairs 500 College St. NW
R Bethune Bethune Annex 2218 6th St. NW
S Annex 1 CLOSED Numma P. Adams 4th Bryant St. NW
T 5th & W Rear HUH Bryant & W St. NW
U 6th & W ISAS 2402 Georgia Ave. NW
V Howard Ctr Howard Inn 2216 6th St. NW
W East Tower Rear East Towers 2224 Georgia Ave. NW
X 8th St. Behind J. Lot 2200 8th NW
Y West Tower Purchasing Building 986 Florida Ave. NW
Z Banneker Old Business School 2345 Shreman Ave. NW
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